Can a Host vary the dates, times, prices and number of available spots?
A: Yes, Hosts can control all of those.
Do you offer customer support for Hosts?
A: Yes, we will have 24/7 live customer support available.
How do hosts mark which spots are used by Park Shark™ customers?
A: We will offer a number of options for marking a spot, both online and physically.
How much money can hosts expect to make?
A: We estimate Hosts can generate an average of $100 per spot, per month.
What fees does Park Shark™ charge to Hosts?
A: Park Shark™ charges 3% processing fees for regular Hosts. Our first 20 Hosts (Founder Hosts) will have their processing fees waived!
What fees does Park Shark™ charge to Customers?
A: Park Shark™ adds a 17.5% charge to every Customer transaction.
Can a host charge more for parking on high-demand dates?
A: Absolutely. This is ‘Murica!
Are there any upfront charges?
A: None at all! All charges are per-transaction, so Hosts and Customers alike will only ever be charged when a spot is booked.
Less Hunting, More Parking
How It Works
Find Spots Fast
Never waste time hunting for parking ever again! With Park Shark™, you can quickly locate available parking spots in your area from your phone or desktop, and reserve them before you get there.
Filter Spots by Feature
Looking for a covered parking space with security cameras? How about one near public transit or an electric charging station? Whatever you're looking for, Park Shark™ allows you to filter your search to fit your specific needs.
Track and Modify your Reservation
Need to check how much time is left on your reservation or add more time? Get real time updates on the status of your booking and renew it on the go without needing to return to your car.
Founding Host Referral Program
Do you know a property owner in the Austin area that may be interested in earning passive revenue on their parking spots? Refer them to us and receive a free $50 Amazon Gift Card, Venmo, or PayPal Referral Reward!
What We're Looking For
Park Shark is looking for 20 property owners in the downtown Austin area to serve as "Founding Hosts". Their parking spots will be the first ones available for guests to park in at the launch of the app, and they'll also enjoy additional benefits such as waived host fees! You can learn more about the benefits of becoming at Founding Host on ourFAQs page.Property owners within the area of interest below are eligible to become a Founding Host:
Have Someone in Mind?
If you know of a property owner who you think would make a great Founding Host, be sure to link them to www.parkshark.app/host and give them your full name and email address. When they sign on as a Founding Host, they'll give us this information and you'll get your referral reward!

*Note: Limit 3 Referral Rewards per referrer, for a total of $150 in rewards, per referrer. One Referral Reward per Founding Host referred. Referral Rewards are only provided if a referred Property Owner signs up as a Founding Host.
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Interested in Hosting?
Park Shark™ is currently in development and is accepting pre-release applications from property owners in the Austin, TX area who would like to serve as hosts. If you're interested in becoming a host, please sign up below.
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